One thought on “The Sable Diaries

  1. Dear Kiana,

    I’m in the nairobi airport waiting for a flight. My sister Joyce called me and suggested I have a look at your website. I’m not good with words but floored, deeply moved, transcended come out first. I looked through everything and read your magnificent poetry. Actually the first poem of your I read gave me courage to keep reading and the to write you myself. The second, about the market just blew me away. I’ve never been there but your words just nailed so many places I have been at dawn, knowing it is about to change. It is they way you write that brings it to life. But you images truly shocked me. I saw thing I knew from the kenya coast but composed in a free and mesmerizing composition. I wish I’d been following your work since I first knew of you but when I looked at your site, I saw so much at once I became totally overwhelmed. And I couldn’t stop looking. In the end I went to “About” and then I laughed to myself. What I’d been seeing was exactly what you wrote there.

    I am thinking of you with loads of love,


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