Kiana Angalia

Kiana Angalia is an author, artist, photographer & explorer. She was born in Sweden and grew up in East Africa. She studied at RCN United World College in Norway, and fine art in Stockholm, Sweden. Kiana then pursued a bachelor’s degree in cognitive studies and creative writing in British Columbia, Canada. In 2018, Kiana apprenticed with the renowned artist Beth O’Donnell at her art studio in New York. There she learned encaustic wax techniques and furthered her skills in mixed-media art. 

Kiana is a three time cancer thriver. Although cancer left her with one eye, scars and facial differences, she is grateful for these experiences as they have led her on a profound journey of growth and self-discovery. She longs to empower others to dare to speak their truth, to share their stories and invite the world to see. Her work explores the continuous journey of healing, expansion, and what it means to embrace the vastness of this extraordinary human experience.

Kiana has published four books of poetry: Emergence: Poetry & Art, Untethered, The Skin We Breathe, & Red Ambrosia which are available on amazon.

She is a nomad at heart and lives between Kenya, Vienna, & Amsterdam.

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