Amongst Stillness

Amongst stillness,
I feel life—stir.
Amongst silence,
I hear the Melody
Of Dawn
Greeting Life
And Dusk
Bow to Death.

Amongst stillness,
I write
And when I am lucky enough
I imagine — I am home
A market place where I will once go

Here, I hold it in my bearings
Here, I let go
And allow my senses to collide
With misunderstood imagination
Drawing— out
Drawing— forth
Drawing In
And letting go.

Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to hear whispers from a different world,
One where I used to live,
When I could still talk.
But always, I return.
For amongst silence,
I hear melodies turn,
Amongst stillness,
I feel life—stir.

Curiosity Leads The Way

I want something simple yet dynamic,
Created by us but having an energy of its own.
Something where both fear and curiosity accept one another as necessary,
But in this dance of love, curiosity leads the way.

Gracious Allies

I started the day with mistrust
Split, confused, derailed.
By a single word and gesture
That made Shadow feel—dejected

As the day went on
As I did nothing
But walk through rain
Alongside packs of hounds
I found my tracks
On a mellow dune
An overgrown field
A low hanging cavern
Where Shadows dwell.

I looked about myself,
But felt no fear here
Amongst these—Shadows.
They were merely There

And when I permitted myself to Be with them
They were not so bad after all.
Almost, laughable.
They cackled in irony of themselves
I appreciated their self-critical humour,
When I gave them permission to laugh
At themselves.
To laugh,
With them.
To laugh,
With my Shadow.

I ended the day surrounded by serenity,
As I was cradled to sleep in the arms of trust.
How fortunate I am to have such Gracious Allies.

8 thoughts on “2018

  1. Dearest Kiana,
    Though a friend of mine I was brought here. I’m greatful to have been shown your words and art. Fell instantly in love with your poem Curiosity Leads The Way – thank You for speaking directly to my heart! ❤ I treasure it and will keep these words of yours on my journey.

    With love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pretty great stuff! I am reluctant to describe the beauty I glimpsed reading your words, those words, with my words or any words, because no words I have are suitable.

    …so I shall bask in yours.

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiana, as I re read your poems, I feel the light, the strength, and humour. You have such a way with words….and they reflect so much who you are.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kiana ,
    I love your Gracious Allies poem . A true testament towards your battle with the unknown and known and your belief and strength that you derive not only from yourself , but also those that surround and love you . At least , that’s my interpretation – perhaps some of what you were imparting 😊 . Regardless , it paints a lovely piece of art with words 💕 Have you ever thought of pairing your drawings/paintings with your poems . It would be interesting to know which piece would inspire the other ! 😄 Much peace and strength . Blessings, Toni

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Kiana – your powerful spirit shines brilliantly throughout Zerzura – I loved how you have captured Lake Natron’s ancient spirit in your stunning photos, I can feel the sacred energy (was last there in 2002) – as well as the quirky honest and fun poetry pages – love it – keep sharing – it is a delight to feel the music of your beautiful and diverse soul … Blessings

    Liked by 1 person

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