Flags ripple in the breeze,
Of our currents colliding with theirs,
One stirs and they all flicker
Like a cloud of dust kicked up by a herd of stampeding wildebeest,
Or a leek of monarch butterflies stirred in their puddle by an approaching vehicle.

We try to be a part of this,
Of their intricate formation invisible to the eye,
Like that of a spider’s web.
But we see only its shadows,
As the sun glimmers through raindrops caught on the tip of a finger,
Treading softly in their quiver.
To feel their wings ripple like a wave across the black stone desert
Their frequency too delicate for human senses to hum,
For ours is skin that is leathery and numb.

As fire burns,
We see only smoke, ashes, and lingering feathers,
Remains of what used to be.

A cloud of pigeons,
Their bones scattered across a mindless sea.
And your whisper hovers in a tongue-tying riddle,
Of callused hands, seed pods and a forgotten story,
Bound to your eternity.


Way Of The World

She will never stand in one place only.
Her Home is with the Wind
That shifts undulating dunes beneath her feet.
Her space is that of the ocean,
The ocean—vast and ever-moving.
She knows, and sometimes feels in her bones:
The Way of the World is Embodiment
The dance between heaven and Earth—Transcendence
Life a constant motion,
Emotions wild horses,
An Oasis only the beginning of the process.
Evolution is a Balancing Act,
And Learning, an Upward Spiral.

In The Wake

She lies in the wake
Of Balance
In the belly of a whale
That floats on the surface
Of giving and receiving
Being and doing
Having destination in mind
And already being there.

Aries Moon

It is rare to see a full moon at dawn
Somehow, she makes her presence brighter in these hours
To show her splendour to the fortunate few
Who awake with the Shadows of the moon.

She wears an iridescent cloak
Illuminates a fulvous glow
In contrast to the cosmic cerulean sky.

Yet to say she needs to Show
Is misconstrued.
For she does not need—
To Show
To any creature or man
She, in her own right—
Stuns the stratosphere
Lays flat expectations of man
And his power over the world
With her presence.

Thank Goddess for Morning

Thank Goddess for these early mornings
Last night’s confusion
Needs and complexities
Are washed away by morning rain
No matter what happened
Or the space left by what didn’t.
Anxieties are gone
No longer needed
On this early morning
Abandoned to yesterday.


Where Camels Once Walked

Her feet trailed the path camels had once walked
A hound that resembled a female lion ambled beside her
The air smelt of salt
Sand baked by the sun for more than nine hours
Her feet were wide—
So she wouldn’t sink into the sand
Some said.
So she could walk on water
She said.


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