Le Mot Juste

“What is this?” Dr. Cohn muttered upon gazing down at the manuscript. “Funes? In my twenty years as a professor, I don’t believe I’ve encountered that word before, Zara.”

“No, you wouldn’t have. I made it up. Funes are those tiny silken hairs that grow on a beings’ body; on a child’s head at birth, after losing hair during chemotherapy, or on the belly of a puppy.”

“You see Zara, writing is about finding the perfectly appropriate word for the situation. Flaubert called it Le Mot Juste. It’s an endless quest; an art you will develop over time.”

“Sure – but what if the one you are looking for is sitting right there in the palm of your hand? And we’re all just too preoccupied with searching to see it?”

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